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Hi everyone,


I’m using the catchphrase of a character called Evel Tyler; who’s an obnoxious and overly articulate corrupt rock reporter at a fictional London tabloid newspaper called The Daily Goblin. He even has his own FACEBOOK page:

…which I’m using as part of my attempts to promote my self -published ‘London Trilogy’.

Like many of us out there I’m trying my hand at putting my work into the public arena by a combination of a printed collected edition and individual ebooks for three inter-related novels. All of them are set in contemporary London from the late 1980s to the present and involve a primary character who achieves his dreamt-of success only to discover the sins of the past in getting successful come back with a vengeance. Each in his own way seeks redemption but it’s a lot harder than even their hard won successes.

I’m keen to discuss them and the experiences of other authors trying to market and promote themselves. I’ve found it pretty difficult going, having tried a fair number of different approaches. would be grateful for any advice going!


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  1. Hey, Don Charisma! Thanks for having a look. I continue with the struggle to get my work recognised, and annoying the world through FACEBOOK using the persona of Evel Tyler. (expletive-deleted) it; he’s a creep. I did have a story acceptance with, a literary magazine with a story called ‘INTERVIEW WITH DICK HARDSTAR’, where Lucas Bellator (unknown-to-him Nemesis of Evel Tyler) interviews a notorious porn star and film maker/distributor about his nefarious life…

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